European Funding Bodies (EC, COST)
[2016–2020] European Cooperation for Statistics of Network Data Science (COSTNET), funded by European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) Member of Management Committee
[2013–2016] Performances as Highly Enriched aNd Interactive Concert eXperiences (PHENICX), funded by European Commission (FP7 program) Work Package Leader 457,000 EUR (Total: 2,800,000 EUR)
[2017–2020] Fine-grained Culture-aware Music Recommender Systems Co-PI 257,000 EUR
[2013–2017] Social Media Mining for Multimodal Music Retrieval PI 365,000 EUR
[2016] Culture- and Location-aware Music Recommendation and Retrieval (Joint Seminar between FWF and Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan) PI 10,000 EUR
[2010–2014] Personalized Music Retrieval via Music Content, Music Context, and User Context PI 220,000 EUR
[2017] SocialFilm PI 5,000 EUR
[2019] Integration of Transparency and User Modeling in a Job Recommendation System (concept study), funded by jobiqo GmbH PI 10,000 EUR
[2019] Personalized Sheet Music Recommendation (concept study), funded by OKTAV GmbH PI 10,000 EUR
[2018] Data Analytics in Industrial Automation Environments (concept study), funded by Siemens AG PI 20,000 EUR
Last update: 2019-04-04